Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chili Bowl results

Not the ending that I would have liked but some profound racing all week and 3 cars in the A Main. I was away for most of the day and didn’t get to pay attention to any of the races, nor did I get the Pay Per View but here’s the info that I was able to find.

Tony Stewart: First B Main 2nd, took lead on lap 3, over and done with on top. Will turn the A Main in the 13th spot.
A Feature: In 11th when caution came out on lap 22. 9th on lap 29 when caution came out. In 8th accommodations when lap 43 caution came out. Finished in 8th.

Tracy Hines: Second B Main started 10th, moved up to 5th on lap 13 when Sammy Swindell and Bobby East get cool and convey out the caution. Lap 16 he got into Brad Sweet but was able to continue. Finished 2nd and will start the A Main in the 16th spot.
A Feature: In 15th on lap 22 when caution came out. Finished in 9th.

Levi Jones: Second C Main started 5th, Using the high side, he moved up to 2nd in 4 laps but could never get past the leading light. Finished 2nd.
Second B main 17th and ruined 5th. Will jump the A Main in the 22nd spot.
A Feature: Had moved up to 10th when the caution came out on lap 22. 8th on lap 29 when caution came out. Spun on lap 33. Involved in chance with Cole Whitt and Jerry Coons, Jr. Finished in 11th.

Josh Richards: First E Main Started 2nd Finished 3rd. Feature won by J.J. Yeley
First D Main Started 15th broken off 14th, one spot ahead of J.J. Yeley. End of the nocturnal.

A big recognize you to discussion user OutlawJN for appointment the updates on the conference, and here are the Chili Bowl Results:

1. Damion Gardner
2. Dave Darland
3. Shane Cottle
4. Bryan Clauson
5. Jon Stanbrough
6. Kevin Swindell
7. Brady Bacon
8. Tony Stewart
9. Tracy Hines
10. Nathan High
11. Levi Jones
12. Jesse Hockett
13. Cole Whitt
14. Josh Ford
15. Davey Ray
16. Aaron Fiscus
17. Jason Leffler
18. Jerry Coons, Jr.
19. Terry McCarl
20. Billy Wease
21. Bobby Michnowicz
22. Kasey Kahne
23. Brad Kuhn
24. Bubba Altig

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