Sunday, January 13, 2008

Portia Freeman

Pop lead singer Pete Doherty is a exquisite childish gangplank typical who has been tipped by manner as the next Kate Moss.

The 28-year-old drug aficionada, wild two-year rapport with the supermodel ended last September, has been out with Portia Freeman since before Christmas.

Portia is just 19 and bears an creepy resemblance to Kate.

With high cheekbones and negligible features, the 5ft 9in flaxen is considered to be one of the most talented models on the files of Select, her London-based charity.

The Romanian when the pair were introduced by Doherty's ex-partner Lisa Moorish, with whom he has a five-year-old son christened Astile.

At the time Portia, who grew up in affluent Weybridge in Surrey, was dating picker Stuart Le Page, the sometime guitarist for rock band The Paddingtons.

But she termed off the correlation to onset an business with Doherty and has made numerous visits to his rented corporation in Wiltshire.

"Pete is sighted Portia and he surely likes her," a source close to the concerned soloist incorrigible last night.

"They get to see each another at weekends when Pete isn't touring with his band Babyshambles. She went back to Pete's after viewing him play a gig in December.

"It's immediate days and they are enjoying each extra's company."

While Portia is believed to be fanatical with the drug-ravaged pop star, the up-and-coming romance is said to have infuriated her family and contacts.

Portia's patriarch is Dr Luke Freeman, a whiz in anthropology at University College London, who lives in Weybridge with his wife Elizabeth Stone and their juvenile son.

He said that he had no way met the Babyshambles front-man and down his daughter's connection.

"You should checked your friend - my isn't having a relationship with Pete Doherty," he said.

But Portia, who was photographed in an embrace with the vocalist last month at a gig at The Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel, East London, has told helpers that she is crazy not far off Doherty.

"Portia is almost certainly the best thing to go down to Pete. She is a very dirt-free-living girl and not at all into drugs," said a collaborator.

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Anonymous said...

i'd just like to say that this is all a load of shit. to begin with, portia's father, who wasn't a professor of anthropology and wasn't called luke, passed away a few years ago and therefore couldn't possibly have made a statement. also, her brother (who IS called luke) is actually 22, so not exactly a juvenile.